1. The Dacha Song


Time to wake up - the telephone is ringing
All day rushing round - falling behind
Sit in traffic daydreaming of leaving
wound tight to tired to unwind

Day is done - you just clock out and shut down
over worked under paid getting off late
drive the same roads everyday in the same town
The walls are closing in and you can't escape

Walk off of your job and go down to the river
Don't waste your life chasing nickels and dimes
Take back your time and your time will deliver
All that you need is in the simple things
that you've left behind.

The summer storm is demanding attention
And the night sky it longs to be seen
Is all the time you give up worth the pension
Is all the stuff you buy what you really need

Someday all we'll have are the memories
are you making yours bitter or sweet
live now spend your time in good company
Cause you can't take all that stuff when you leave


At the top of the hill there's an old shack
and a trail that leads down through the trees
Head out now and you can keep what you take back
shut the light out , take nothing
just leave