1. A.D.D.


I lost my keys, looking for my wallet
Started thinkin' bout the grocery list
and I Forgot to flush the Toilet

Now the oven in the kitchen
it's been on for hours
ain't nobody cookin'
I started thinkin' about the flowers

that I forgot to water
was gonna take em to my mother
but then I wrote two songs
and then I wrote another

anybody out there, seen my keys?

My ADD ain't no disease
it's just another way of thinkin'
a different personality
I'll never be a well adjusted me
cause I refuse to live my life Pharmaceutically
Please don 't try to heal natural tendencies
can't you see?
My ADD it ain't no disease

I broke the muffler
I was trying to fix the brakes
it's my night to cook supper
but I'm already at the lake

Every time I leave the house
I gotta turn around
Takes me 25 minutes
to drive 5 minutes into town

I tried to run a bath
and now the house is full of water
but I wrote 2 songs
and then I wrote another

anybody out there
got a coat hanger for my muffler


If there's a button
I've gotta push it
tell me not to squeeze the bread
and you know I'm gonna smoosh it
when my daddy said don't
well damn well I did
so he took me to a shrink
he said "there's something wrong with this kid

They made me answer questions
into a tape recorder
and they diagnosed me with
Oppositional Defiant Disorder

Anybody out there seen my Daddy's Keys?