Summer Report

Home after a little 2 week run playing drums for JP Harris. It was a blast! We began the tour at Red Wing Roots Festival in VA, followed by 4 days at the Finger Lakes GrassRoots Festival’s Culture Camp, with additional gigs scattered before and after. At Culture Camp, I taught 2 workshops a day, which included a kids’ introduction to percussion and an improv class with Brock Henderson and Geoff Henderson.  I also did a little seminar on the Origins of Country Drumming to a small but enthusiastic audience.  Culture Camp is a bit like a bluegrass or Old Time festival in that you can’t swing a clawhammer banjo without knocking out 3 fiddle players.  In other words, there’s not a lot of drummers walking around. But be looking out in the future: the story of how drums finally broke into country music is an interesting one and I’m sure I will present the seminar again. Stay tuned for upcoming drum tour info with Matt Woods & the Natural Disasters in September, plus new solo dates and the Jon Whitlock Trio CD release!

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